99.3 FM started out as Supreme Radio. The idea of a radio station was conceived in 1998. At that time, GeorDavie was striving to bring his radio vision to life through local technical tools and the creative abilities that he possessed.


In 1995, GeorDavie met Jim Porter, who was then the Teen World outreach director. Jim porter enlightened him on the possibility of having his radio ministry established through the connection with Galcom International.


GeorDavie’s passion for radio ministry compelled him to pursue communication with Galcom International later in 1997. By God’s grace, they favorably granted him the first transmitter of BW 100W and Supreme Radio right away started broadcasting to a small area of Arusha city by a radius of about 15 km.


This was a delightful moment and an enormous step towards the realization of GeorDavie’s vision of radio ministry, which had been burning in his heart for a long time!


It was humbling to see lives finally being changed and the thirst for the Kingdom of God being aroused among millions of local listeners.


It was in May 2012 that Supreme Radio was officially registered by the TCRA under the new name: 99.3 N.Y.U FM Radio. the media utilizes state of the art studio equipment and effectively reaches millions of people in the Northern zone of Tanzania.


ALL GLORY TO GOD and a big THANK YOU to GeorDavie’s Radio partners.

Radio Vision in Early Days

H.E Dr. GeorDavie (Kingdom Spokesman)

Founders: GeorDavie & Anna Davie